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a couple of KPF problems


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Kerio PF is giving me some trouble, and I can't figure out what is going on. Both issues I'm having seem to occur when I'm logged off (switch user) for a long period of time (like overnight).

First off, when I log back in, the system tray icon is gone. The two processes, kpf4gui and kpf4ss, are still running, but no icon is present and I can't get to the GUI.

Second, when I log back in, my IP has dropped. Sometimes it's a 169, and sometimes the addresses look normal, but I can't connect to anything. So I release and renew, but can't pull a new IP. The only solution that works is to restart altogether.

I'm almost positive that the second issue is related to KPF, because I never experienced the problem before using the firewall. Also, I have another computer on the network running NIS, and it isn't having any problems.


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I have everything set to default as far as the predefined rules go. I'm not sure that I noticed this happening until after I decided to deny low priority intrusions in the IDS (to drop the ICMP PINGs). Could this possibly have something to do with it?
I don't believe so no. Re-enable ICMP on the IDS. The actual rules for ICMP are governed under the network tab's predefined settings.


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I reset all the predefined settings to default last night, but I still had no IP when I logged back in. However, I got a KPF error message about the buffer, which I remember seeing an answer to on Kerio's FAQ. I will try that solution and see if it also takes care of the other issues.

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