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A Couple more quickies ;)

Heres a couple more for you peeps :p

A computer company I work for placed an order for computer mice from Japan. After the normal delivery period had elapsed, we contacted the airport to enquire what had happened to the consignment. The official in charge said that it was nowhere to be found and should be reported as missing. Some time later the official contacted us to say that the package had been found. When we asked where it had been, he replied sheepishly, "In quarantine."

Microsoft Support
A Microsoft support man goes to a firing range. He shoots 10 bullets at the target 50m away. Then the supervisors check the target and see that there's not even a single hit, and they shout to him that he missed completely. So he tells them to recheck, and gets the same answer. Then he put his finger at the top of the gun and shoots, blasting off his finger. When he saw it he shouted back "I don't know, it's working perfectly here, the problem must yours..."​

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