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A couple group policy issues


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Hey guys,

I'm having some weird issues here with GPO's. I'm trying to use GPO's to make machines automatically check the local WSUS Server for Updates. There are a few machines that are having some strange issues, so I have a few questions.

If I have a GPO that's specifying a computer to look at a WSUS Server every Monday at 12... and I go to that machine, and look at the local policy, should the local policy now reflect what's in the GPO? Should gpedit.msc state that it should check every Monday @ 12? Or would the Local Policy specify it's own settings, but the GPO applies?

GPResult states that the SUS Policy is applying to the machines... though when I go to gpedit.msc, it reflects something different. Sometimes it reflects that the options aren't enabled at all. Sometimes it reflects the changes that I made locally in gpedit.msc, though not the changes from the GPO being handed down from the domain.

I have a computer that WSUS claims it hasn't reported since 9/6/06. Now when I looked at gpedit.msc, it stated that there were no settings being applied. Now when I set it locally on that machine in GPEdit, those settings will stick, though it will still not report to the SUS Server.

Any ideas?


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your best solution from my experience is to use gpmc and try the group policy modeling test on the pc account you feel to be at fault .... i have found this to be pretty reliable.

further as a final sanity check clear the event logs on the client and do cmd prompt gpupdate /force /logoff ... when you log back on leave it two minutes and check the event logs for errors.

if the model fails to apply the settings (which i doubt) .. drop me a pvt message.

finally you can look in the registry for the applied setting on the client (google wsus reg settings)....

you didnt state wsus 1 or 2 so i am stuck for more answers at the moment.

if you need any more help please shout!

and if this post has helped in any way please click the lickle yella star !


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