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a chinese joke!


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某一天,店里来了个老外,点了个套餐,吃到一半, “咣当” ,把汤碗打了。

儿子跑过去看了一下,说:“碗打了! ”

老外想:“one dollar ……”

老妈听见声音,也过来看,见地上有个破碗,问: “ 谁打的?”

老外想:“ three dollar?……”


老外想: “ten dollar?!……”

老妈又说: “还得打一碗!”

老外想: “hundred and one?!?!……”



老爸对着正在加热炉上舀汤的儿子说: “烫,少盛点儿!”老外: “ten thousand……”

( 老外以惊人的速度从口袋中掏出钱包,把里面所有的钱倒在了桌上,然后像刘翔一样往门口狂奔……)


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Courtesy of babelfish:

The Shaanxi person opens 面馆 in US A Shaanxi person opened the family restaurant in the New York Chinatown, the son worked as 服务生, the maid tube has received money, the old father was 大厨. Some one day, in the shop has come a foreigner, has selected a wrap meal, eats to one half, "咣 works as", hit the soup bowl. The son ran looked at, said: "The bowl hit! " The foreigner thought that, "one dollar... ... " The maid hears the sound, also comes to look, sees on the place to have a broken bowl, asked: "Who dozen?" The foreigner thought that, "three dollar? ... ... " The son said that, "He hits!" The foreigner thought that, "ten dollar? ! ... ... " The maid also said that, "Also must hit a bowl!" The foreigner thought that, "hundred and one? ! ? ! ... ... " The old father kitchen is cutting the vegetable outside, hears the sound, how hurries runs watches a matter. Flustered center, forgot to lay down the kitchen knife. Five big three thick old fathers, grasp the kitchen knife to stand in the dining room, the foreigner as soon as looked, the palpitation acceleration, the blood pressure anxiously rises, but lets his brokenhearted Canada collapse is an old father's speech. The old father treats the son which on the heating furnace scoops up the soup to say that, "Very hot, little abundant spot!" Foreigner: "ten thousand... ... " (The foreigner pulls out the wallet by the astonishing speed from the pocket, poured inside all money on the table, then flew in circles like Liu equally dashes about wildly toward the entrance... ... )

I think I get the jist, just!


I may actually be insane.
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