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98se Major startup .exe bug


NTFS Stoner
ok heres the deal, my mates pc this is.

it dont matter if im in safe mode or normal startup, soon as pc hits desktop it says cannot find uhgk".exe
and offers me the chance to locate it.
same in safe mode, i checked autoexec and its empty now, same problem. i can open folders, but cannot execute anything without it asking for uhgk".exe
cant open msconfig cant open regedit
cant open any control panel item.
basically it looks like its screwed. onboard lan is disabled so i dare say im screwed for a network backup and restore.

there is no file on the pc called uhgk".exe and i cant make 1 to fool it eother as you cant make a file name with " in it.

has anyone come across this before, google gave me a big fat zero :(

i hope you guys can come up with a reason, ie virus or somthing


NTFS Stoner
nope, ran anti virus from trend micro and nortons, using the drive as a slave on my works pc, ad aware and spybot found nothing.

for all intents and purpose its a worm virus, changing the .exe attributes so it asks for this unknown file. the workaround was changing regedit.exe to regedit.com and regedit worked in a dos window (smart huh) this allowed me to delete all traces of the offending entries, it was hidden in the shell command strings as part of recycle. there is no trace of this virus/worm left on the pc, it seems to have done its job and gone on its merry way, in the process of corrupting nortons so it just shows as a useless taskbar icon and disabled the norton uninstall. anyway, i found a "simular" worm on nortons and followed the removal, substituting my file for theres, worked out fine. used the NIS removal tool and reinstalled nortons and so on, systems fine at the mo. :confused:


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i have another program on the computer called" the cleaner" that is for trojans and worms don't know how good it is haven't had any yet

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