9800xt, 19" CRT and 19" TFT


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5 Jul 2002
I'm looking in to buying a 19" TFT to go alongside my iiyama 19" CRT...i have a 9800XT which has both analogue and DVI (with dongle).

Is it really as simple as connecting the TFT via the DVI and the CRT via the analogue on the same card?

Will there be any benefits to having 2 screens? ie CRT for gaming, TFT for work stuff?

Thanks all
yes its as easy as hooking up, and spanning the desktop.

i tend to have teamspeak, the server monitor, task manager, and any other app's i may need on the 2nd monitor, inc MSN, then no one realises all im doing is sat in battlefield vietnam all day ;)

i just started using ultramon as well, well cool proggie.

quite good when me old man wants to webcam the relatives in the US, i stick his window on monitor 2, give him the headset & he doesn't stop me working/gaming
I use dual monitors myself at the moment and Ultramon is great like Gonzo said.....only problem I find with multiple monitors is that my games will only work on one screen, I can't get them to span both at the same time and if I click into the other screen by dragging the mouse over then my games (all of them) will minimize to taskbar....rather annoying.
the game has to be designed to run on 2 monitors to pull that off in DX or open GL, the only game i ever came across that supports this is EvE Online :(

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