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9800 pro


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i recently came across a saphire 9800 pro 256mb agp 8x w/dvi, for 202.00 USD.
i now have a debranded antec 400w PSU. i was wondering what good PSU should i step up to run this card? here is what is currently running:
3 80mm fans
1 CoolerMaster Jet Master4
1 CDRW drive
1 Floppy Drive.
ATI 9600 SE.
Any Helpful input would be greatly suggested.


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you could probably pull of sticking with your current 400w psu. if you really need to replace it i would get a ttgi superflower, something like the one here. super flowers are cheap and very high quality, i have one myself and i would highly recommend it to anyone else.


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your psu should be more than adequate to run that card and the peripherals..

i had no problems running my setup on an SL series 400w psu from antec... it died on me, yes... but I think it was more to do with the age of the psu than the load on it...

the most important number to look @ wrt a system == the amps on the 12v rail... none of the components you have listed are going to stress a psu above 300-350w's...
im running 2 hard drives, 5 fans, fan controller and hardcano, 1 cd-rw, floppy, and a 9800 pro all on a 300 watt psu and it works fine. btw i also have the sapphire 9800 pro. got it for $212 total with tax and free shipping on newegg new.
I'm running my system (~XP2800 & 9800 PRO) off a 350W antec with no problems. See signature for full details. Just make sure you have plenty of 5v and 12V amperage (25A and 14A respectively).

I also have an older Antec that has too much 12V and not enough 5V for newer equipment so you do need to check.

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