9800 PRO vs 5900XT

ATI will be releasing 3 series of cards the X800, the X600 and the X300.

The Radeon X800XT will be clocked at 500MHz with memory clocked at 1000 MHz, the X800Pro will be clocked at 475MHz with memory clocked at 900MHz. There is also a rumor that there will be a X800XT platinum edition with 525MHz core with memory clocked at 1120MHz.

The Radeon X600XT will be the top “mainstream” card and will clocked at 500MHz core and 740MHz memory. The next card in the X600 series will be the Radeon X600Pro it will be clocked slightly slower at 400MHz core and 600MHz memory.

The entry level Radeon X300 will be available in two versions as well, the Radeon X300 and the Radeon X300SE. The X300 will be clocked at 325MHz core and 400 MHz DDR memory and will have a 128 bit memory interface. The Radeon X300SE will have similar clock speeds as the X300 non SE but will only have a 64 bit memory interface.

THe X600 and X300 cards should be shippng to stores in mid to late june.
do you know any of the prices on any of those cards or could you make a guess? And will the x600 be agp 8x? Will it be faster than a 9800 pro? Also i am just about to buy a new motherboard also, I just bought a amd 3200+ not a 64 bit. Is there any 32 bit motherboards with pci express?
I am guessing that the new series of cards from both ATI and nVidia will be available in both the agp and pci express versions (this is true for the X800Pro as well as the GeForce 6800 Ultra) but as the switch to the pci express standard moves on, it would be a wise investment to to buy a motherboard with pci express. I would think that the MB manufacturers would continue to support the 32 bit cpus for a while yet as AMD still sells more Athlon xps than 64 bit cpu's.

The X800XT should retail for about $499 US and the X800Pro for around $400 US. As the X600 cards have not shipped yet pricing is still up in the air , but I would guess they would sell for about $200 - $300 US, maybe less depending which version (X600XT or X600Pro) you get.
The X600 is just the pci-express version of the 9600.


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AudioSlayer said:
i will be ordering it on june 18th whats this about the x600?

The X600 is supposed to be a heavily overclocked version of the 9600, for PCI Express.

Now, to the original question. I'd go with the 9800Pro. Can't really go wrong with either, you'll be able to play the game at pretty good speeds. If you're a bit future concious, go with the 9800Pro, especially for the shader performance.
whats pci express. i guess iv been out of the loop... imust of closed my eyes again lol
sraycoz, check the bottom linkscom. I was out of the loop also till I finally got off my butt and looked up what this whole PCI Express thing was about. It looks to be great. It's got 75 watt output (AGP is 25 watt), transfer speeds up to 250 MBps (on a standard PCI express bus, that's a total of 500 MBps since it can transfer in both directions at one time, unlike PCI, which is up to 133, one direction at a time), DDR2 support, and I believe support for faster CPU speeds. It looks good on paper but we gotta wait and see if it's all that they're making it out to be (but I think it will be).

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