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9800 pro problem!!!! help!!!


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i bought an artic cooling fan for my 9800pro. and took off the original heatsink and fan. went to connect the new fan to it and the connector is wrong. On artic's website they said that this would fit my card. problem is i bought this off ebay. what can i do????

oh and my bigger problem is that the original heatsink and fan, well i broke one of the clamps that hold it on place. so im out of a video card


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i found this off a review from ATI. can anyone explain this to me a little better so i can do this??

Warning to non ATI branded cards. Make sure your card's fan power is 2 pin and not 3. The MSI ATI 9800 Pro I have has a 3pin power connector, and so the VGA silencer didn't work. I had to splice the power and connect it to a regular 3 pin fan connector and am running it directly from the PSU.
1) Never buy pc hardware from ebay :D
2) it means he's done some diy with the wiring and has his vga silencer powerd by the psu not plugged into the card.
3) you might want to find someone who can do the same for you :D
4) Have a nice day :D
So? You plug it into the power supply directly. How is this a problem until you go to sell the card? But then you mod'd the card anyway with a after market fan so it's not really re-sellable... (I think I made a fake word up.)


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Well I found out what the problem is. The fan is legit and has not been modified in any way. The 9800 pro 128mb has a 2 pin connector that gives the fan power. The 256 version that I have, has the 3 pin connector. Arctic-cooling doesnt state any of that on their website. So I guess they are to blame. Talking with the guy on Ebay, who is very helpful, showed me a link that will convert the 2 pin connector to a 3 pin w/o splicing or dicing anything.
I'd be curious to know how the thermal compound was looking on your ATI card after removing the stock heatsink.

I was inspecting mine but didn't think I could get the heatsink off without damaging the fasteners. Down the road I'm thinking of removing the stock cooler and putting something else on, but if the current thermal compound is on poorly I'd like to redo it myself.

My card: ATI 9800 Pro 128mb
Personally, I'd just take the 3-pin, and connect it directly to the motherboard. If anything, your idea is just as good. Converting from 3 to 2pins. Maybe you could drop by that tutorial, because I'm curious if there are any power differences on them, because they have to be a different pin amount for a reason.
I think pin 3 (yellow) is just used for measuring fan RPM rates. If you were to just attach red (Vcc) and black (ground) it will probably work just as well.


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chaos945 said:
I think pin 3 (yellow) is just used for measuring fan RPM rates. If you were to just attach red (Vcc) and black (ground) it will probably work just as well.

About the thermal compound, it looked like the same as a cpu but more like a gray color instead of white. And yes the pins in the back broke while taking off the original heatsink. I used the 3 pin connector from the oringal heat sink. It had a White cable that I never used. I basically used this http://doityourself.com/store/6053060.htm to connect the 2 colored cables. mounted the new arctic-fan and viola! done1 works fine. very cool and quiet. if you guys need any other info PM me and ill see what i can do.

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