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9800 PRO + 5900 Ultra Voltage question...


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Are the 5900 Ultra's or 9800 pro's, 1.5v or higher? Cause my mobo only supports an AGP card @ 1.5v, and i was thinking of getting one of these cards...preferrably the 5900 Ultra, if theres a quiet version around...


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i'm not sure, but haven't all agp cards been 1.5v for the past few years?

and most 5900's are pretty quiet. it's the 5800's that generated tons of heat and needed drastic cooling.
I think cards that require more than 1.5v get it through a HDD plug (like the high-end radeons)... All AGP 2x and higher graphics cards are 1.5v afaik.
I was reading the manual for my new mobo and it was warning against using AGP2x cards because most, if not all, 2x cards operate on 3.3v. From what I read, I gather some 4x cards have a 3.3v/1.5v switch which lets it work in both in both types. 4x/8x combo cards use 1.5v exclusively.

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