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9800 GX2 vs 8800GTX


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The 9800GX2 is clearly going to beat the 8800GTX in virtually everything but there will be a huge price tag on the 9800GX2, as well as potentially having to buy a new top-spec PSU to power the thing. Depends how rich you are feeling I suppose!

I'm going to wait a little longer to see some more of the 9800 range and then decide what to do.

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Overclockers.co.uk just launched their own model for £299 (£350 with vat) for those in the UK that were shocked by the £410 price yesterday.

Now cheaper than the two cards it in based on ;p

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I am waiting to see more details about the 9800 GTX but thinking about a MAximus Rampage board (no SLI for me) and then if thats not worth my time well...

2x 3870X2, but no commited to either yet.

The new Intel 9450 isn't out yet which is what I am really waiting for. Apparently ATI are going to drop some prices in a day or two just to show NVIDIA what it thinks of rehases, but that was on the inq so may not be anything.

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I am hearing a price of ~200-250 which is the same pricepoint as the current 8800 so the cost is irrelevent and I will be looking at something cooler, quieter, possibly faster (who knows) and better for the environment


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Around here, there price of the x2 is the same as the 8800gtx,

This guy asking me is ready to buy coming this weekend.

Thanks for all your repsonses guys.

Looks like it will be the 9800X2,



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I wouldn't bother with the 9800 GX2. Compared at least to the 8800 Ultra, it wasn't really any faster, unless you turned everything off, aliasing and such. The Ultra is not really any faser than the GTX, so for the price point, wait till the single GPU 9800s come out.


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Thanks for all your input,

After re-reading some more of the answers, the dude is going for an 8800GTX setup.

Thanks again,


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