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9700 pro acting wierd?


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i would get this wierd screen from time to time. it gets annoying. Usually i have to reboot to get rid of it. If i reset, it even does it during boot, aka look wierd on bios. I can screen cap that bios one but i can on windows. I tried on my cousins machine and it does the same. Anyone know why it does this?



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have you overclocked it?

that is tell-tale signs of a heat damaged card... normally caused by overclocking or other mods in conjunction to oc'ing... or just a heat damaged card..

if you have a BBA card than you have a 3 year warranty and should be able to get it replaced as such... not sure what OEM warranties are like...


My Yngy is My HoneY!
no i havnt overclocked it, actually i had to downclock it inorder to play prince of persia without artifacts. Would this be fixed if i just change the fan or is it a permenent damage that only waranty will fix?


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Is your PSU up to it? What is it...a 350w?

Give more info...
Other hw...

May not be seated in the AGP properly.


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my PSU is the antec trupower? 350? well its the one with the LEDs, ive got a 1800+ with an ASUS A7V266E-R with 512ddr pc2100 ram, the thing is, this also happens if i transfer to another comp. And i even bought that heatsink that i said i was gunna. Its defiantely not the speed or the heat...haiz i think i bought a faulty product. =(


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thats a sign the ram is failing, sometimes cleaning out the AGP slot can fix it, but normally u will find its the 1st sign the cards dying.
a buddy of mine had that problem too went over to his house to fix it and come to find out the card was over heating so i opened up the tower and he had this pc for 2 yrs and didn't clean it :eek: u should of seen the dust in it so i cleaned it out but it was to late the card was dead so he had to buy a new one guess it was overheating for awhile.. he learned his lesson :)


My Yngy is My HoneY!
i saw a similiar post by EP about rma, whats rma tho? i dont think i can get a warranty or anything as i bought it off a friend whom he got from insurance aka his house got broken into bla bla...eeks im stuck..its a saphire 9700pro as well too..

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So your mate gave you the card hten claimed someone had broken into his house and stolen it and got a replacement ?

I don't think you can get it RMAed, unless your mates replacement was teh same card and you could then pretend it was that card.

But we are moving to the shifty underworld here, so you didn't hear it from me!
LOL well number one if you got the damn thing free then I think its hard to complain. Anything free you can't argue when it doesn't work. You sure he didn't just give you it cause it was already failing?

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