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9600XT questionssss

yeah im about to order an ATI 9600XT (w/ VIVO) ...but before i do I want to know if any1 has one and hows the video-in quality??? i wonder if it compares to what i was gonna get which was teh winfast 2000 xp tuner...? hmm
I have a radeon 9600 Pro and I believe the Video-in quality and the Image quality is both good. However, I'm not speaking relatively to the XP 2000 tuner. I've never used the tuner before. And if you suddenly feel an urge to play recent games in decent quality, the new card will come in handy as well.
er.. the 9600xt doesnt really need 256 in my opinion, since 128 will suit the needs for most gaming unless you play in like 1600/1200 at 6AA and 16AF, but then the thing is, the 9600xt itself is probably not able to handle that kind of options in the first place anyhow, so it will be mostly useless to have 256mb...

in all, it just doesnt justify the price difference. but then again, i might be wrong, and the choice is yours.
I have the winfast 2000 and a friend just got a radeon all in wonder.
Go with the radeon, capture quality is noticeably better.

As for the memory I'd put the extra money towards a 9800 PRO AIW 128 instead of going for texture memory that may not get used in the next couple of years.
Certainly not the 256 MB version. 9600 XT don't have the necessary power to make use of the extra memory. 128 Mb will be fine and will save money.
It will help, but won't even get close to making the difference of what you've paid extra for. It just ain't noticeable, significant enough to pay more for. If you were talking about cards like 9800 Pro and above, the 256Mb will come in handy with recent games coming out.


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256mb for your card is going to make little to no difference...

you'll buy a coupla fps perhaps @ most in high LOD situations but the fps are going to be unplayable anyways...

if you have a HIGH-END card then yes... go for the 256mb version... the low-mid range cards do fine with 128 and the extra mem is a waste...

basically a marketing gimmick...

blade said it right :)

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