9600Pro gives bad graphics, help

check my screen shots.. i downloaded the newest drivers and its not looking too pretty.

with the options on the graphic card, im used to just resolution and 16 or 32bit color, now i have so many options, what can i do?

*if you cant tell, the words on the buttons should be white, but fuzzy and black*
Is that 800x600 Screen Resolution?

You could try a higher screen resolution with 32bit colours. Try 1280x1024 screen resolution with 32bit colours. See what that does

You did download the latest drivers as in ATI Catalyst 3.7?

Alex :cool:


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Yeah, ok there are too many options on the card. Realised this as I started to make a list of things for you to check...

Under advanced settings:
On direct 3d and open GL tabs set -
Set antialiasing and anisotropic filtering to Application preference (check boxes).
Set texture and mipmap to high quality (slider ot the right).
Make sure vert sync is set to "wait for" or aplication preference.
Set color to default

Set displays to what you have (CRT, flat panel , etc.)

Set monitor to 70 Hz or best it will support at your desktop screen resolution(do not exceed the monitor rating it can fry!)

Also what monitor are you using. If a generic what are its max resolution and frequency?

Whatever you do don't panic. The 9600 PRO is a good card. I paniced with my 9500 PRO because the first driver I installed defaulted vsync off and I thought the card did not work with my favorite game. :eek:
I just looked through that checklist of yours LeeJend and noticed that most of those are defaultly setup if not all of them

So when the Drivers have been re-installed, they will be setup like your checklist including the monitor because it will make it as 800x600/1024x768 (one of the two) screen resolution

But its worth a double check over just to make sure its all as the checklist LeeJend posted :)

Alex :cool:
ok, this time instead of installing the 3.6 cats over the ones from the cd, i uninstalled first, and it made all the difference.

thanks guys. also, im setting it up like you said leejend. thanks.

-its weird how when you put your first computer together, every trouble shooting fact you know flys out the window, and you panic! haha, i just came to that realization. :D
lol yea i can agree with you there dubstar :p.. panic hour! :p

Glad you got it sorted out and its nice to see another ATI Radeon 9600Pro around ;). I bought mine recently :D.. love the card since ive upgraded from a Geforce 2 MX400 :p

Alex :cool:
Originally posted by LeeJend

He's successfully done his first computer. ;-)
har :D

Dubstar, you could also try the Omega drivers for your card. They are unofficial but based on the Cats

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