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9500 Pro Black Screen



I get this every time I log into my desktop, and also when I go to the Advanced section of Display Properties.

My Screen will just go black for about 1 second before comming back. It only happens on boot, or in the Advanced section.

Is there any reason why this happens ? Perhaps it has something to do with using a DVI to VGA converter ? Or just the Ati drivers. All of them do it, no matter what version.
mine does it too, the log in one will be it making sure it's in the right display mode (res, and refresh rate)

the one under the advanced tab will be when the system is asking the card for it's settings. or making sure it has the setting in the control panel already set.


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i think the 9500 pro may be one of the cards that only has a DVI port on it. don't take my word for it, cause i don't even have one, but that's only reason i can think of

Shamus MacNoob

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right that would be the only reason to use it unless he was running two moniters ....never tried mine yet with the dvi conecter but I dont think it would cause any trouble ..

I dont have the 9500 pro like you I dont know if that is the only way he can connect his moniter

I have a MSI Ti4200 128 mb has both connectors


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by "converter", do you mean this?:

if so, it won't have any affect on your crt than if it was plugged right into a vga port. that is really just an adapter and the video card senses which mode to use (dvi or vga) depending on what's plugged into it then outputs in the correct mode. that adapter doesn't do any work.

btw, my card blacks out for a sec, too. once when logging in as that when it applies it's overclocked speeds... then everytime i go into the advanced display settings menu as it retrieves information from the card.

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