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92-to-120mm case fan funnel?


The One and Only
Anybody know a reliable website where i might be able to find a case fan funnel to convert from a 92mm case fan space, to a 120mm case fan? would like to get a funnel instead of taking the effort to cut the holes in the back of my case to fit it in.


The One and Only
yeah..... but so does using velcro to hold a 120mm fan over a 92mm fan hole like i've been doing for the past month or a few..... and also has the added bonus of reducing the overall airflow of the fan.
What is your second choice? All the adapters I can find are 80 to 120mm. I think you're SOL. 92mm is not a very common size.

Plan B is build your own.

But why? Choking the 120mm down to 92 will increase noice, reduce airflow and make the fan wear out sooner due to increased back pressure. The whole point of 120mm is to make a big opening and move air through it slowly as opposed to a smaller opening with faster air velocity.

The 120mm fan has almost 80% more area, that means the air can flow at 80% less velocity. I doubt a PC fan can produce sufficient head pressure to keep the air flow up so the results will not be good.

the right answer is get out the nibbler and expand the hole.

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