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6 Dec 2003
I was wondering if anyone here could help me, help a friend remember a vintage game he is trying to think of. thanks

From what I remember, this was a children's-young adult computer game around 1995 (graphics similar to Kings Quest VII and/or Blazing Dragons), interactive. Set in medieval times and it was located in a castle.

Some of the things you could do were:
- Jousting on a horse. You directed your person's spear by moving your mouse. I could never get the hang of it because the spear was always moving.. 2-D your man went from left to right and then you jousted with a dark knight.

- A dungeon maze. In the maze was a spider web that you could get rid of my using a flame torch, a weird blue cow that gave you weird blue milk, a boot with a foot inside (but you didn't actually see the foot) etc...
- A potion making thing with a magician. Don't remember too much about this.

- I think you could go in the town and do something with hay and food. Either make it, sell it, or maybe this is from another game.

I played this on a Macintosh computer if that helps.

its NOT Defender of the Crown.


Did you every find this?
We are looking, too.


1. You can joust using one of three knights. You use the mouse to control the point of the weapon, and if you loose there's an image of a fat knight with a helmet and a broken lance in his pink long-johns, with an old horse. 2. There's a labrynth where you have to collect things for people (at one point you milk a cow), and use items to explore more places (you can use a torch to burn through a spiderweb, etc). 3. There's a wizard's study where you can click on things to make noises, etc. The wizard (who is in blue, has white hair) will yell at you to "KEEP THAT SHUT!" when you open a window or something.

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