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Hi i just saw a couple of videos that studies the 911 attacks more deeply and according to what they saw, the planes that hit the towers were not commercial planes, and the pentagon was not a plane either (i'm sure you heard about that one). these videos could be purchaes at www.letsroll911.org , this site also has more things you should check it out... i was really shocked when i saw the videos

Shamus MacNoob

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There is a lot of things out there that we can look at , I was sure a long time ago that this was more then what they are allowing you to know, There is too many things wrong , too many things that were supposed to be done that were not. I wont even bother but has anyone ever heard of NORAD now tell me how a plane hit the pentagon after 42 minutes between it and the 2nd tower LOLOL yes I am sure the whole north americain air defense system failed .. ok if you say so.

Shamus MacNoob

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In plane site is very cool , funny how people will see what they want and NOT see what they DONT want. But I am 100% sure I see the FLASH and the white smoke before the PLANES hit the TOWERS and I see the belly of the plane LOOKS fishy to me, funny how BUSH says he was watching the 1st plane hit the tower, how that the things like the woman saying that was not an AMERICAN airline al these things were never repeated on TV but they all were said LIVE as it happened , what about the fireman saying he heard the BOMBS exploding as he ran down the stairs ? The CEO saying they PULLED the building ??

I have the full IN PLANE SITE both parts the free one and the 2nd one

Shamus MacNoob

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dave holbon said:
This looks pretty inconclusive as evidence to me!

Really ALL OF IT , one part ? some parts?

Dont see how anyone can look at that and dissmiss the whole thing

guess the fireman and his buddies were all wrong when they and everyone else that was there said they just heard a huge BOOM ... the cloud of dust raising up before the towers fell ??

SO all of it makes perfect sence to you ?

Sorry I see how all of it leaves way to many things with no answer at least.

Good thing they got rid of all the proof with no chance of anyone testing the beams from the towers, I guess that makes sence too right?

Yes fire makes high raises fall all the time your right .. oh wait its never ever ever happpened any where in the world where a fire takes down a high rise , but in this case it did BOTH times .. sad part is we might never know like I said they destroyed all the evidence , no big deal was only 3000+ people

Shamus MacNoob

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Yes and what does that have to do with in PLANE SITE?

Sorry dont see the connection , do I think Micheal Moore is 100% right no not by a long shot , do I think IN PLANE SITE is 100% right no but its is not 100% wrong either

And do I think Kerry or Bush is the same YES 100% those things dont matter its not them that rule the USA anyone knows that , care to prove that the Saudi's dont own 8% of the USA? That they were not taken out of the USA by plane when all flights were grounded?

Look we all can see what we want but NO ONE can say its all wrong , I have said it and I repeat there is TOO many THINGS wrong not one thing just one thing after another after another ....

Its good to get info from all over I have yet to see any real info that would explain to me why they destroyed the beams before proper testing. I have yet to be shown 1 single photo of something that looks like a HUGE JUMBO JET hitting the most highly protected building on the face of the planet or one of the HIGHEST protected.

Sorry but my DAD was 14 years in the AIR FORCE and has assured me that its just not that simple NORAD , come on take a shot try and give a story that can START to explain how NORAD did not react.

Like I said too many things not one thing

dave holbon said:
This looks pretty inconclusive as evidence to me!
the videos speak better than the site though it's really good and i think they make sense and it's true. im not saying moore is wrong im just saying that all these information were kept away from the people, i believe they are true

Nick M

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I don't know about the pentagon - but I live in New York City and my closest friend saw a plane hit the tower, a 757. I find it impossible to believe anyone else could assume otherwise.

Shamus MacNoob

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No one said other wise ?

What is said is that its not what they are telling us , that there was more to it than that.

Thats what we are saying

dave holbon

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This subject has come up before on other posts. It is possible to make some sort of case out about the attack on the Pentagon as some of the trajectories and explosions do not match up, also it is known to be defended against this type of attack. You could bring evidence to bear that there are problems with this event; however there are counter arguments or “views” taken like “well the systems were down that day” or “as it was not a military aircraft, it was not tracked”. I know this to be untrue and can’t imagine why the pentagon said it in the first place. However apart from some awfully blurred and poor imagery of the two towers event “interpretations” or views taken as to what actually happened remain just so. There is no evidence here only theories with no compelling evidence to back-up any of them.

It’s like the princess Diana case where it is known that another vehicle (never traced) was somehow involved in the incident (which there is evidence to support) but somehow, strangely, has had to be omitted from all subsequent investigation outcomes as it never appeared to exist in the first place. This has fuelled the fires of conspiracy and intrigue and sold many a subsequent tomb (book) or two.

Will you ever know the truth? I doubt it as if the conspiracy theories are correct then it would have to have taken place at the highest level and above (like Kennedy?) and done by the best in the business, they don’t get caught, only exposed (grasses up) by others, many years down the line. If it was a genuine attack (maybe assisted by those with a vested interest) the same will apply. If it was not, by which I mean that it was a genuine terrorist attack and we all got caught out, well that’s the worst case scenario as another almost certainly follow. Or maybe it’s somewhere in between, who knows?

Evidence, evidence, evidence.

:) :) :)

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