Bummer dude ~~~~~~~~~ kind of a let down , its ok by that time at least the drivers have time to mature.
Actually may be a good for me afterall, as the FP241WZ model should be available in the UK by the time I have the cash saved so I should get less ghosting and hopefully less motion sickness in first person style games :)
damn thats a nice monitor ... and damn that sux credit failed. Since you brought it up sorda ... how good are the 24" widescreen monitors? I have been debating on purchasing one more and more .... but already have a perfectly good dell 2001fps Actually ... id buy a different monitor if someone wanted to purchase this monitor i have ... i think 125-150 dollars would be fair ... plus freight. What do you think?
The benq I linked to and its upgraded model FW241WZ are probably the best I've seen yet :)

In competition is the Dell 2407 and Samsung 244T (I think thats their 24" model)
I really want that 244T now, I have been looking to replace my NEC 22" Multisync CRT. I think that Samsung might fit the bill nicely. Right now with my Dell E207WFP and my NEC, I really want to go dual LCD. Just looking at the CRT gives me a headache now... so blurry in comparison.
yeah ... youll lose quite a bit of resolution though going from that CRT. On the bright side ... those headaches will go away ... same reason i originally migrated to LCD.

I read somewhere that the latest and greatest Dell 24" widescreen ...2407 isn't as good as the 2405 .... being the colors arent as crisp ...i guess an obvious tradeoff for faster response time.

Speaking of response time ...at what point is it no different? 16ms 2001fp i notice ZERO ghosting playing anything .... doesn't mean it isnt there ..but i guess only refreshing at 60hz might be an issue. What gives with response time and refreshing HZ?

Im definitely going to look into the BENQ monitor mentioned by LordofLA
the 2407 is better than the 2405, the samsung is better than both and the benq I want is better than all 3.

I don't notice ghosting at 16ms either, that 16ms is on-off-on again. which is what the benq has.

The new benq FW241WZ has fancy backlight strobing to reduce ghosting even further.
LordOfLA, when is that benq coming out? Or is it out already? I cant seem to find it for sale anywhere.

trainmaster77, I will lose some resolution but overall I will gain more real estate though. I run the 22" at 1600x1200 for desktop use, and since its my secondary monitor now I don't play games on it either. I do miss the ability to play at whatever resolution I want and not have to worry about that native resolution crap.

NEC = 22" @ 1600x1200 (1.92MP)
Samsung = 24" WS @ 1920x1200 (2.3MP)

Not only is the samsung physically bigger, it also offers more in terms of usable pixel space. To be honest for desktop use the CRT is just to blurry at anything beyond 1600x1200.


I found this article on the new Benq lcd screen. Wow... looks good but its just to expensive for my taste. :p

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I thought it was quite cheap. Certainly in the uk its listed lower than the dell and the samsung.
think i might be ordering myself an eVGA 8800GTX next week. will rock if i get it in 1 day like a lot of stuff i order from Newegg.
meh. i'm sure the standard ones work kinda. and it's not like it's that long till Vista's release. i can deal with it, especially since my Vista's free, unless i upgrade to Ultimate.
last I heard 8800s worked as 16 colour vga cards in vista - you may want to look around to confirm though.
im soo into that benq monitor now. I built this beast finally ... even though this motherboard doesnt like the mushkin ram.

a8n32SLI deluxe
Silverstone TJ09BW
Mushkin 650W PS
2 GIG's Mushkin Black Line
Soundblaster XIFI Extreme
4 150Gig Raptors Raid0
5 120mm 21db Fans ... 3 Scythe and 2 Silverstones

Had to crank the ram upto 2.75 volts for whatever reason ..now it works flawlessly using the NOS 10% overclock

And to satisfy Dragon I took off the SLI to Death sig ... and will put it up when i get the other 8800 ... although it wont be anytime soon cause i dont think it will fit with this Soundblaster card on this mobo.
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heh. you didn't have to dude... but it probably woulda confused quite a few people.

and chances are you won't need SLI'd 8800GTX's for a LONG time.

In an earlier article, it was reported that Crysis was running at 60+ fps for most of the time at CES 2007. In this new article, Jack Mamais tells techspot that the game is running at a resolution of 2048x1536. Judging by the HUD size in the images below, this seems like it's true.Combine that information with the fact that most of the code is still unoptimized, and you can easily understand how well Crysis will run. Take note that Crysis was running in DX10 at CES 2007, so could Microsoft's claim of 6 to 8 time the performance be true? If you read some of the earlier news items or read the techspot link posted below, you'd also know that Crysis was running an unknown Core 2 Duo processor and a single 8800GTX.

This really is incredible news. This proves that any current DX10 rig will run Crysis perfectly smooth with all graphical settings max at a resolution of atleast 1600x1200. Like mentioned above, the size of the HUD in the images below tells us that the game was running at a fairly high resolution.

I'm predicting that a mid-range DX10 card (8600GT / X2600XT) will run Crysis in DX10 better than any current DX9 rig running Crysis in DX9.

Finally, we can all rest easy.

Note: The image on the left is a screenshot of a Crysis video. We may be able to expect a new HD video to be released fairly soon.
I have had ,my 8800GTX for about 2 weeks now and I love it!!! Everything I throw at it, it doesn't even break a sweat. ANd next week I will be playing with my new toy, an Opteron 185, oh I can't wait!!!
heh. that's good. i've had mine for nearly 3 months now (PLEASE come out with something i might be able to step-up to!!!!), and same thing. haven't found a single game to make it break a sweat. then again.... we don't have a clue as to what would be "sweating" with these cards, since DX9 can't even take advantage of the geometry shader aspect.

I plan on buying an AMD Athlon X2 6000+ when i get my tax return. that price cut that knocked it down to $239 is practically a dream-come-true.
I just picked up my new Opteron 185!!! I can't wait to install it. The next thing will be the second card...I might be able to fly after that...LOL
don't get a second GTX. one is plenty for now, and probably for quite a while yet. Wait.... save your money..... maybe buy something different.... and if you want, buy another GTX when the prices go down.... if they do. or wait for the 8800 Ultra and sell your GTX.
That is pretty much what I was intending to do. Guess what, I got my CPU, and it is running so sweet!!!

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