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80gig HD which ?



I am thinking of buying a 80 g HDisk... Any suggestion what brand would be good?? I heard IBM is the best... is that true?? I want a quiet and fast one... 7200rmp IDE hdisk..



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Well I would go with Western Digital. Maxtor are ok drives but have trouble related to heat in the case. I like to see other ppl's thoughts on this subject
Western Digital has incredibly reliable hard drives, and they're great with the larger sizes. They're still the only one's with 200GB 7200RPM's out. I've never had a problem with any of their drives.


More more replies please... this is getting hot... looks like Western Digital is the one to go... but what's wrong with IBM ones?


ibm has had a string of problems with their hard drives. dunno about their newer ones, but the 75gxp series has a lot of defects.

and yes, i do have one so i know firsthand.


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as far as ibm harddrives go, i have 3 which are ata100, 7200rpm, and <8.5ms seek time... one 75gxp (1st gen) and two 60gxp's (2nd gen) and no problems with any of them. but there have been a lot of reports about reliability and also just general heat. but the new 120gxp's (3rd gen) i'm sure are perfectly fine and are one of the fastest hd's you can buy... and not too expensive. my recommendation.

another good (but pricey) choice are the 'special edition' WD's with the 8mb buffer.

as far as maxtors and seagates, i'm sure they make fine hd's, too... i just don't have any experience with them.

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I've had 2 IBM HDDs: a 40 gigger and an 80gig 7200 rpm. The 80 crashed on me twice, the original and its replacement. I've gone with Western Digital and have had no problems whatsoever. I have 2 40 giggers and a 100 gigger in my machine. I have no heat problems at all (of course the 3 case fans help!) and they run like champs. I'd say go with WD. Plus their warranty/return policies are some of the best that I've dealt with.
Originally posted by paul_43
but what's wrong with IBM ones?
Some of their drives have a tendency to crash. Normally this happens after about 8 or 9 months. Some drives however run like clockwork, no problems. It's like a lottery. A bit too expencive lottery for me... I have returned two drives this year.:mad:


What's most important?

pk paul,

In terms of speed, I would definately go for IBM 120 GXP.
I had tried segate ata100 1st model, IBM 60 GXP 3Gs, IBM 120 GXP (current owned).

Honestly, you wouldn't expect any harddisks will be stable after 5 yrs. I would say IBM 120GXP is the fastest, most quiet, and get the best support within the 1st 2 yrs of its life.

I had a very old ATA66 Western Digit, not bad, everythings seems perfect except speed. Segate!? nitemare to me.

Depends what you intended to use. I would suggest IBM 120GXP for most users when the speed is what you want the most from IDE harddisk. I don't mean IBM only good at speed but not reliable here. In my cast, I read and write about 2G's of data from/to my IBM 60GXP everyday, It'll become a bit noisy after 1.5-2 yrs of its life but the performance still good.

I've also bought a 120GXP few mths ago, perfect for write/read of large files such as videos. small files read/write even much more better compare with 40GXP.

personally, I will pretty sure you won't regret with 120gxp with its speed. but if you want a huge storage spc, go for western digit.


On a tech site either TOMSHARWARE or TECH-REPORT you will read that IBM's new drives are crap and are failing and they claim there not designed for long continious use and should only be ran for xx amount of hours like 5 days a week or so like an office inviroment.
I cant remember full story but it lead up to a few days later saying they were getting another company to make their drives and would not manufacture any more.
Everything i have said was on one of the sites above but read to get more accurate picture.
I had a 60 gig maxtor ata100 which is faulty after 1.5 years of running in a evesham machine that left factory full of fault to which among many probs i have took action against them but in meantime i have bought new maxtor 80 gig ata 133 and screwed cooler onto bottom with two fans only cost £10.
I think maxtor is undisputed leader in field going by sites rightup and were first to bring ata 133 and are going to use ata serial in dec 02 but they do sufer from heat so keep it well cool.



I have a Maxtor 40g, WD 15g (Mirc Downloads), and two Quantum 20g (Raid-0) all are at 7200rpm. I have two WD sitting on my shelf that I don't use anymore. One of them would randomly erase/corrupt data and the other would just not show up at times. I had them both in various computers using two different OS's so I know it is the drives. I would go with Maxtor personally. I haven't experienced the IBM's. Oh and I do have a Seagate Cheetah 10,000rpm SCSI.....but I figured you were looking at IDE only...and besides SCSI is way to freeking expensive....


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