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80GB External USB2.0


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I am thinking of buying this drive, aprently it has a western digital 80GB 7200rpm drive and looks good value for money.

It's usb 2.0, my computer at home has usb 2.0 and I will be using this at college to transfer my mp3's and photoshop work but I'm not sure if college computers have usb 1.1 or usb 2.0 (they have ports on the front though :). I think it might be usb 2.0 but not sure, would it be awfuly slow to work with usb 1.1? I'd guess so but as long as it's ok to copy work from college then thats ok.

Someone who reviewed it over at ebuyer said it looks flimsy, I will be traveling 11 miles back n forth to college and it will be in my school bag so I don't think it will be a major problem, what are your views on the casing? The reason i'd like to buy it because it looks a bargin for an external hd, £66 inc VAT.

I need space for my normal comp anyway since thats only got a 30GB drive. I think it looks good but what do you think, would get a usb pen drive but there expensive I think and only go up to 512mb.


Ask the tech man/woman in the faculty.
You better make sure you get permissions also.


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Yer hehe, i'm doing a course called Interactive Digital Design and ill be doing a lot of photoshop, 3d modeling and web design work and i'd love to have lots of space than them darn floppy drives. Aprently you don't need to setup drivers on it and college comps are xp so thats good.


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ok well the thing is usb 1.1 is about 1.25 mega bytes per second, and usb 2.0 theretacally should be 60 mega bytes per sec even though i have not reached that speed yet, usb 1.1 takes some time but its not too bad, think of it as a really fast internet connection


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wow i forgot to even look at it before, now that i see its lacie, i would buy it because lacie should be really good, i mean i saw they have a 1.6 terrabye external hdd that is firewire 800 400, usb 2.0 and 1.1, so i would trust this company, i saw the same one too in lebanon when i was there, but it was in the box...


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Hey guys you got any other views, some more people have reviewed it at ebuyer and I think it seems a good deal, I orderd one yesterday but it's out of stock by 10 days :mad:, aprently they look a lot better than the maxstor casing. When I get mine I will write a review lets you guys know about how good it is.


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thats the thing i dont know how someone at e-buyer gave it a bad review or not a bad oe but said the case was flimsy, maybe he was talking about something else :p


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I got it today! It's so nice. Got all my 2600+ mp3's to it, very fast @ USB2.0 and had everything I need. I will take some pics later, the drive doesn't get that warm and the casing is great, a very sturdy product.

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