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80 Gig HD only shows as 30 Gig



Alright - my brother gave me an 80 gig HD that was formatting in his system when it lost all power...

I have managed to get it to work, but it will only format as a 30 Gig drive. How can I get the drive to recognize it's entire capacity??? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I have tried using the low level format utility (It's an IBM deskstar), and Partition Magic... both shows the hard drive as being 30 gig's... I could really use an 80 gig drive :)

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When you use partiton magic, especially the two boot floppies you can see the entire hard drive. If it is 80gig with only 30 usable, partition magic will still see the other 50gig. It should be grayed out until formated but you should be able to see it.


go into fdisk and view the partitions - and you will see .. delete the one that is thirty and create a new with full capacity ..

that is if the partition is showing at 30 gig. ..

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.... or your bios has a capacity limitation which can only be overcome if you install a dynamic drive overlay (DDO) see what goes first with Fdisk if that dont work thats what you need:)
The drive is in FAT32, it's partitions can go only as large as 30 GB

Reformat the drive in NTFS format and you'll be fine with your 80 gigabytes right there in front of you :p


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The drive has always been formatted NTFS... I never use fat32... but anyways, I am embarrased to say that the jumpers were set wrong... I had them set as a master with a 32 gig clip. Changed the jumper's to a normal master and all is good. Whoops!
*doh!* :)

Nick: FAT32 can go over 32Gig. It's just that Windows will tell you not to make FAT32 partitions bigger than 32Gig.
Originally posted by SmokingWeed3000
back when I had windows me it saw my 40 gig fine.
Yes, but WinME only had FAT32. It's just Win2k and XP that has NTFS that limits the size of FAT32 drives.

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