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8.00GB database file for MSN Messenger

It is shown here. It is 8.00GB if I allow protected system f iles to be shown. The properties show it as roughly 1.0mb. Why is it telling me its 8.00GB if its not? It all has somethign to do withit being protected Im sure, since the folder shows nearly no disk usage with these files hidden. Maybe just some enlightenment? I am so tempted to delete crap like this... :laugh:
Nismo83 said:
oh gracious me~~ 8.00GB?

have u tried checking the file size thru command prompt? Might be more accurate
Well you can see right there, size on disk is only 1.06mb. I dont know why its claiming its 8.00gb, but I know how to make a 0kb text file turn into many GB's just by using cmd prompt, so I know its not actually taking up space, but its just confusing me a little..

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