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Ok, im guessing some of you know this utility, but for the rest...

7zip is a free open source archiver. It has its own .7z format but also supports extracting of the popular RARs and ZIPs.
The interface is a bit basic, but on the other hand and considering the use of the software, most likely you won't see it that often.
Another good thing about this little proggie is that it comes in a native 64 bit version, and it supports tons of OSs.

anyway.. i think everyone should check it out, specially since it costs nothing.

the official site is http://www.7-zip.org/


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oh, don't get me wrong, winrar is pretty good.. i used to use it myself

but 7zip is free, and so far seems to work good :)


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A lot of people in the open source world use 7-zip as well. It is a very good program, but is limited as far as comparison to winrar.

I actually have both 7-zip and winrar installed, and do use it from time to time. But it is not set as my default :)


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I have been using 7Zip for ever now, along side WinAce (for certain files that dont work with 7Zip). With those 2 I never have issues. Awesome program!


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yeah, lol, it was like 2 posts ago

by the way... i mentioned the x64 version because it may be faster (thanks to more registers available), but i never meant that 32bit archivers had trouble working on a 64bit version of windows.

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winrar has a 64bit linux version, so what if its not open source, there are more open source progs for linux than there are for windows


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I love WinRAR as well, and the whole 30-day license doesn't seem to be working. You can just close the message box that jumps up when you launch the application, and it'll work fine.


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b1 free archiver is a nice response to 7zip. 7zip's interface is rather ugly and complicated - talking both about the website and program's interface. B1 is much more simple and stylish for me


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Never heard of that program until now.

The interface does look nice, but for me (I assume many people) I don't go into the interface very often, most of the time I right click, extract, or right click compress and I am done.

Also, people have been using 7zip for so long it's hard to give anything else a chance :)

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