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7900 Cards


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I have a 7900GT 256MB card in my system now

i got a 7900GTX 512MB card, do i have to uninstall drivers, then remove card

or can i just shutdown and remove the old and there we go?


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I was going to start another thread, but never mind that.

Along with removing the old card and putting the new one is I want to remove my water cooling system and just use a normal heat sink and fan.

Now, for the life of my computer it has been running with this water cooling at 30degrees C. Now if i take it out and use the normal fan, which if i remember correctly an average computer runs around 70.

Will this big change in temperature effect my computer. Cause it to crash, run slower or anything like that?


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70c might be just a tad high for normal computers. :p If you do go that high though, then yes you will have serious issues.

Why are you taking out the water cooling?


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That isn't the average temp for computers? What is then...

I want to take it out because I am just tired of it being in the way when changing cards and things, and taking care of it, changing the liquid every month or so. I just don't feel like doing that anymore.


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Well the average temp really depends on the computer and parts inside it, as well as the ambient temperature. What are the specs on your system? That would help out determining whats a good temp for you.

You do realize that you don't need to change the fluid that often right? As long as you are not losing fluid, and you don't have a build up of alege or other unwanted scum in your lines then there is no reason to change it. I have had the same fluid in my system for over a year, I just top it off every few months and its good to go. Since you will lose some over time from it slowly sweating through the lines.


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AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 4600+ 2.41Ghz
1GB of Ram | 2x 80GB Harddrives SATA
7900GTX 512MB Videocard
2 CDDVD ROM Drives
550W Truepower Trio Powersupply
5.1 Surround Sound Logitech System
Windows XP Pro

and then the watercooling system running it at 30C
I think he meant average temp of the video card...

There is no normal temp. Every config runs different system/CPU and GPU temperatures depending on which sensors the MB reads and where they are located.

-GPU 70 deg C is normal for an Nvidia high end GPU under load. ATI runs 10-20 deg C higher (yes ATI runs too hot).
-CPU will run 30 deg C to 55 deg C depending on make and loading.
-System will run 25-45 deg C dpending on how good the ventilation is and how hot the room is.

There should not be a major impact on your system taking the water cooler off the video card. It depends on how many fans and if your water cooler heat exchanger was inside or outside the box. You might have to increase airflow through the box. Minimum is 2 front intake and one rear exhaust plus the PSU fan in the rear. If you have a humongous 120mm fan in the front 1 is probably enough.


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Do you happen to know the ambient temp of your room where the system is running?

Also, is both the CPU and GPU watercooled or just the CPU?


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With my old Zalman cooling fan, my 4400+ was running about 34C idle, around 45C max load.

With my new board, I can't use the zalman so with the stock cooler I get about 45C idle and about 56 or so max load.

My GPU idles around 50-55C and maxes out around 82C.


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Sazar, do you know if those are normal temps for that cpu? I cant speculate since I have been on water for so long. Those do seem a tad high for stock cooling, but I could be completely wrong there.


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Seems right. Keep in mind I have the zalman fan-mate and keep my CPU hsf regulated to about the mid/low setting. With a higher setting, you can easily drop the temp down a little further.

A better cooler will give you close to water-cooled temps on idle.


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No you cant, the cards have to be the exact same model. (ie. 7600 GT & 7600 GT or 7900 GS & 7900 GS)

Sorry bud. :speechless:
Why did I think it just has to be the 7 series gpu. Ahh well its a long story. I have to 7600gts and one 7900gs. guess I have to buy another gs. Thanks Aprox.


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Same/but different topic

I know it's hard for you guys to help, since your all mainly in the UK but...

I am trying to get a price on my 7900GTX card, but nowhere sells that version anymore, hardly any 7900's.

Anyone know of a place that still sells them? In canada....ottawa....


*edit....I have tryed TigerDirect, OEMExpress, PCcyber, ShopRBC, and 2 others.....nothing

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