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6800GS issues


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I have just installed a 6800GS that i brought second hand, but was said to be all in working order and it appears to be. I also installed a new thermaltake 430w psu. I have reformated the PC and using the windows crappy display drivers everything is ok, but as soon as i install nvidia's drivers, newest and an old set i have on a backup drive, even the BFG driver disk, the whole thing just dies. It installs and restarts and as soon as it gets to windows log in, the whole screen is multicolored and all messed up, then the monitor shuts down!!

The only way to get it back is boot up in vga mode from the safe mode section!

Anyone know whats going on or can help?? (im stumped :dead:)


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Oh and the guy who had it last apparently unlocked the extra pipes and it all worked fine. Iv had a look at rivatuner and with a new format the pipes wont be software unlocked, maybe he flashed the bios and im getting the artifacts from that????

Edit ... hmm seems that some people on other sites are saying on the 12v you need at least 20a, the themaltake says +12v - 18a. Could that be the problem? But why would only the nvidia drivers screw it up. This is confusing!
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I think it would say "running in low power mode" or something if power was the issue... but I a not 100% certain.

How well do you know the person the video card cae from? If it is a powersupply ... would be quite simple to figure out. If you have your older video card still .. pop that back in first. If that works ... pretty much rules out the motherboard.

What is the northbridge chipset? Is the 6800gs an AGP card?

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I think that 16a is sufficient on the 12v rail. However I got a lot of issues with my 7900GT when i first got it because of a crappy psu(which later died). I had artifacting in games and desktop etc. Try the card in another machine and if it does the same thing its likely a problem with the card.


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Update. I was pulling my hair out all day yesterday and then I did something, dont know what, and it booted in to windows and has been fine since. Running newest drivers and been playing CS:S etc with no probs. So im guessing it was software related, but I dont know what I did! Oh well. Cheers for replys

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