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6800 Problems FPS


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I have a nvidia geforce 6800nx

I have been very happy with it's performance until recently. I realised that my games suddenly started to drop fps giving me lots of lag.

I installed 3dmark 2001 and found that I had lost between 50-100fps on each test from what it was before a few months ago. Also my counter strike lost about 40-50 fps from what it use to be no matter what resolution or detail I set it on it is the same.

I have noticed that my hard drive is making slightly different noises when working but it seems to be wotking fine to me. Could a Hard Drive cause this?

I have done a new XP install to eliminate the possibility of adware/spyware/Virus. I have also downloaded the latest Drivers including Zeropoint

My pc is has a P4 2.8. 512 RAM . Asus p4p800-vm. 350w PSU. 80GB Hard Drive.

Any Ideas would be great



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i would straightaway look at the fan on the card, is it running is it running at all or slower. I think Nvidias Nsuite i think its called can detect the gpu fan speed.

I would also take the fan off and clean it, see if that helps. The only other issue's could be dust in the fan (clean it out), a firmware issue or even the AGP slot.

Outside of the v/card issue, make sure your whole system is performing well. unless your games are stuttering, then i doubt its the HD, make sure the cpu is not getting too hot, this could very well be the culprit.


OSNN One Post Wonder

My CPU heatsink clip had cracked therefore not applying enough pressure on my CPU. My CPU temp was way to high and making me loose performance.
Use motherboard monitor (MBM.exe free download try majorgeeks.com) to check your CPU temperature and fan speed. You should do this once a week anyway to see if the heatsink/fan needs cleaning.

CPU temp should be 40-50 deg C depending on the CPU and how good a cooler it has. Fan speed will be 3500 to 6000 depending on the fan. If it's at teh high end it may need cleaning (or a better cooler).

And just look at it. See if it is dusty or is not flat and level. Don't wiggle it around, that could crack the CPU or mess up the thermal paste bond.

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yeh looks like i may be having the same problem, CPU temp is sitting around 65 degrees C and the rpm of the fan is around 2000. I have an athlon XP 2800+, should i buy a new heatsink or can i up the revs of the fan?
The CPU is kinda hot but the fan is turning low rpms. If the fan has an adjustment control turn it up and the cooling will improve. Depending on the fan it will be a 3 position switch or a dial.

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