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6800 gt

Yeah, it's not too badly priced. I mean, you can grab a PNY for about the same price too. If you're impressed by that, check the Ultra prices on pcw component shop. The XFX price is the same as the BFG pretty much, 300excl VAT. On the site i usually use, they've got the xfx listed as 380excl vat (there, or there abouts) s'nuts.

For once pcworld actually have decent prices. Rejoice! :D

(And for those of you interested, check out the 5700 price on the pcw C.S and then look on the main website, charges a HELL of a lot more on the main site to rip off people who don't know what they're doing :D)
I couldn't spot any cheats or tricks in the specification. Looks like a full up GT card. The price looks like it matches what the cards are going for in the USA (after VAT and monetary conversion).

The 6800 GT is the best performance for your the price these days.

Go for it.


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Thanks for your help guys :)
I have been swinging between xfx and bfg for a while now, i know there's not much difference but i didn't want one that would be noisy and annoy the hell out of me. Most people have said go for the xfx, but just wanted an opinion on the bfg with its overclocked out the box extra.
Once again cheers!!
(rep points as always :) )

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