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6600 GT Video quality question

Need input from anyone who has made the switch from ATI to Nvidia lately.

1) Does the Nvidia in game image quality seem less appealing than the ATI?

A gaming buddy just switched from 9800 XT to a 6600 GT. He loves the speed increase but says the Nvidia textures are less pleasing to the eye.
He has tried various AA, AF, etc. Nothing seems to help. Game video features are max'd.

2) Is there any adjustment that can be made to improve the image appearance?

3) Is there a particular Nvidia driver version where the image quality is better? A speed sacrifice to improve appearance is acceptable.


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Did you do a driver cleaning before changing the card? alos, go into your nvidia controll panel, and uner "performance and quality" make sure "image settings" is set to high qualty.

I would tell you go to with omega drivers, but nvidia doesnt support him in his work so he never really releases their drivers. The standard ones are ok, they just need tweaking :p
Yes, he removed the ATI drivers with drivercleaner. He did set the settings to high quality. He still doesn't like the appearance compared to the ATI.

Any other appearance settings burried in the control panel?
Most nVidia cards do have reduced image quality compared to ATI cards. That was a deciding factr on my switch from nvidia to ati when moving up from a 4800SE to the 9800Pro.

Your buddy could try omega's modded nv drivers but I believe its down to hardware differences. 6800GT through 7800GXT shold have on-par or superior quality (looking at chip specs alone - no factual evidence in that statment)
ROFLMFAO. My buddy solved his problem. The 6600 GT refresh rate defaulted to 100. Was playing hell with his monitor.

Card is fine now. Whew, a good thing too. I told him to buy it...

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