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64bit wamp - can it be done.....

Dark Atheist

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without having to compile things yourself, as it looks like apache and php dont support 64bit that well, i have been told you can use iis and isapi with 64bit mysql but i have never used iis before - and with its past history (i know you should leave things there but also learn from it) although i think i have a guide somewhere.

After googling all i have found is un-offical compiles of apache and im not really fine with the idea of using them, is there someone here who can advise me on another course of action or is it a case of use the progs as 32bit or use iis and go 64bit ?


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Just use the 32-bit or use the unofficial compiled versions. I have used software from various websites before, and while in reality it could be packed with nasties, most of the time it is perfectly fine, and you just have to trust the website.

Dark Atheist

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sort of defeats the peropose of having a 64bit os really though if you have to use the 32bit ones :( - i have scanned the other files and NOD32 say they are clean, so might give it a try, pain in the arse there isnt a 64bit weserver, apart from iis

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