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Hiya, I'm at the moment just scraping together to money to upgrade.. well basically build a new one. Recently had crap with a new graphics card so i'm determined to get a decent system going now lol. The main thing is that i can't find any decent 64bit 939 socket motherboards (going 4000+ or _possibly_ the new fx55 depending on the money at the time) but i'm starting the saving fund and so far i've found everything i'm going to buy apart from the motherboard! Any ideas? I'm just after something ATX Form, 4 PCI, agp 8x, 3/4 dimms that will run either the 4000+ or fx55. Don't need it for OCing.

Then any pointers on cheapish cooling, not talking watercooling or anything crazy -

thanks in advance


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Sounds like you have money to burn! Anyway, what are your timeframes and how much do you care about buggie (IE brand new BIOS?) You may wish to wait for the Nforce4 Mobos coming soon (mid-November?).

If you cannot wait for that then take an Nforce3 would be my tip - why not the MSI Neo Platinum? I have one on order myself right now, although I could not afford your proc. - having to make do with the 3500 for myself.


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Ahh that's the thing; haven't got the money yet - I've just returned a 6800 gt which was dead on arrival, so i'm actually going to buy case+mobo+graphics after i've saved another £70 to just push to 6800 ultra and another say 160 ish on mobo+case (got new 500 watt psu) so case should be easy done. But aye I don't know if i'll be able to afford the 4000+ OR the fx55, it's just what my hopes are. Probably end up buying something cheaper heh but I want to go 939. Which processor; i can choose depending on money, just getting my research done.

What are the specs like on the one you're buying?

Realistically.. i'm not bothered about what it comes with really, I just want a decent stable one - I've had this a7v333 for over 2 years and haven't had to touch it once. i'm aiming on buying the mobo in about 2/3 weeks


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Hmmmm just been looking at the k8n Neo2 Platinum, s'very nice. I think i'll go with that one, would you advise waiting for the nforce 4 chipsets? (haven't looked into them at all)


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I think the simplest thing for me to do is refer you here and I can tell you that little lot - per my order - would set you back £700 with VAT. Notice there is no graphics card, case, or PSU - two of those I have and one was a seperate order...


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Take a look at this, Here

Right now there isnt that much of a gain, but if you have to wait you might as well just get the nforce4


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Cheers mainframeguy - Yeah i know it's all expensive, but i've got the budget set. Doing it possibly the caggy way round, but i'm ordering (prices are approximate heh but pretty accurate) my Case (60 quid) + Motherboard (80 quid) + Graphics (400) and then cooling/cables probably another 50 (already got RAM and PSU). That'll be ordered in about 2/3 weeks time, and then from there on i'll be saving as much as I can possibly can and with christmas an all there should be enough for the fx-55 which i've found for just under 600. Especially with the christmas work coming up, should be quids in :D Basically i'll have a nice looking PC almost ready working just missing.. a processor :) but it'll make me want to save lol

Makes sense to me


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Wahey! I'm not the only one that's not buying it all at the same time heh - let me know what the mobo's like! I wont be ordering for another 4 weeks i imagine.


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Well i'm definitely fancying that motherboard, now more importantly Lord - what CPU cooler you gonna buy for that? I've found the odd decent 939 socket heatsink/fan but they i've read a few things whereby people have had issues with the odd DIMM slot placement and how close the processor socket is to the agp - you had any?

Thanks a lot


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eh oh - never mind Lord - I have same board coming along with Zalman 7000AlCu cooler - I'll be sure to let you know if it does not fit (which would surprise me) ... then again - it is a BIG cooler so - watch this space...


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PS more to the point I am adding arctic VGA cooler to my 9700 pro on the rig and also taking out fan on the NorthBridge to replace with passive Zalman cooling - this was actualy the area I was more worried I might have troubles with .... But like I said we shall just have to see.... and I have a hunch it is all going to slot into my Nexus Breeze case .... dare I say it? ... like a breeze?


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Ah well yeah definitely let me know if it fits then give me some links! I've just heard that it can either hit the graphics card (depending on size) and the DIMM slots which seems a sod to me :cool: This is the beast i was looking at (looks huge though) XP-120


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If you think that looks huge you seriously need to check out the Zalman 7000 - it is one mean cooler and especially revered for it's ability to do the job well and quietly....

[edit] I know - I already have one in place on my Xp3000! [/Edit}


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Well i'll have a looksee, what sort of price is it though? that heatsink alone before buying the fan to go in it is about 30-40 quid

I know it's a bit silly me asking you if you've read this (me being the one that hasn't even heard of this cooler before) but i thought i'd check - found it rather interesting 7000cu Review
I'm just gonna use the retail HSF that coems with the 90mn 3500 from OcUK.

AMD isnt my strong point. I've been an intel fanboy until february this year so I'm learning the hardware ropes all over again.

However one thing I know for certain is to avoid VIA like tha plague where possible for core chipsets :)


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Well i'm currently sitting on a VIA kt333 chipset lol ahh well it's served me well i've not tried messing with anything though - but yeah i've heard the Nforce3 are much better than any of the new VIA, thanks for all your suggestions and help

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