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64-bit compilers, SDK's for 64, 1 Windows for all 64?

I have been scouring the web for info on 64-bit apps and drivers and thought I would share what I have found so far. If you are a programmer or into software development I found this site which has all kinds of information for Software Development Kits, compilers and migration from 32 to 64 bit OS and apps/drivers. For those of you like me, waiting for a 64-bit driver for a TV capture card (as well as others), I found this forum which proclaims compatibility with WinXp x64 and certain TV cards (French and English, scroll down. Use this free translator if you need it). I tried the app, it would run in x64 but wouldn't load either driver they have developed so far. The source code is available as well, so I may have to recompile it in 64 (which is what everyone may end up doing for drivers if you can obtain source codes). Hopefully this news will find the right person who can run with it. Personally I would have to learn alot more about programming before I could be an asset with this info, but I think I'm proficient enough to de- and re-compile software/drivers.

Now correct me if I'm wrong, but is it beginning to sound like "Windows 64" will be divided into three or more catagories: Intel (EM64T), AMD64 (since it seems Intel and AMD wish to remain different as night and day) and Windows 64 for Itamium based machines (in a class of its own separate from AMD64 and EM64T) and sub-catagories, ie Windows Xp Pro x64 in one (trying to act as a go-between for 32 and 64 bit), Windows Vista and Server 2003 in another, maybe more? I ask this because it is looking like "what works on one wont work on the other" and there should be some degree of compatibility or the everyday end-user is going to be very confused. I'm beginning to wonder if the drivers I've tried and failed were built for AMD-based machines. It will be interesting to hear everyone's input as it clear 64 bit isn't just a passing fad. In the meantime, thank (some computer geek) for dual-boot!

PS I also noticed, Microsoft has a .Net 2.0 out, says something about making 32 bit apps developed for use with .Net run in a 64 bit environment...
EM64T and AMD64 are one and the same as AMD and Intel have cross licensing agreements.

Very few places use IA64 (Itanium) but those that do certainly wont be using windows xp on them :p

The everday end user should not worry about 64 bit until Vista is released H2 2006 and wouldnt know about windows server 2003 64bit (essentiall xp x64 with a few things tweaked - or rathe rits vice versa)
I agree EM64T and AMD64 are "striving" to work together, but some 64 bit drivers developed for 64 bit machines running AMD64s wont work with my EM64T machine (Abit mobo and ATi Radeon GC drivers, specifically). I guess it boils down to how thorough the programmers are with making their drivers compatible. Anyone else having issues like this?
the problem is down to your system then as the 64bit drivers will work on any of intels EM64T or AMD64 cpu's. Thats the whole point :p

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