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60gb to 55

i got a new 60gb drive and i formatted it in NTFS and there is now 55gb. is this normal beecause i know with a 40gb drive i get 37.8gb free, it juse seems like a lot to me


Hehehehe..this question never gets old, but yes thats normal. The size of a harddrive is never REALLY that size, they just round it off, so don't worry. :blink:
At a guess I'd say it's the cluster size you've used. The NTFS reports disk sizes differently to the FAT & FAT32 file systems because of that.
Shouldn't pose any probs though m8, as you'll still have the same amount of disk space. It's just carved up differently during the format. Overall, NTFS makes better use of your drive-space than FAT32 anyhow, as FAT32 uses 4K clusters, and NTFS can go down to 512bytes.
That is of course assuming you haven't got a whole heap of bad sectors on yer drive, and you've let checkdisk, or scandisk at 'em :p

Erbmaster notes above two posts, and makes mental note to self not to waffle, and reply quicker :rolleyes:


Harddrive manufacturer 1000b = 1kb , 1000kb = 1mb, 1000mb = 1gb =1 000 000 000 b
Windows 1024b = 1kb , 1024kb = 1mb ,1024mb =1gb =1073741824 b

labeled 60 gb = 60 000 000 000 b /1073741824 = 55,87 gb in Windows
:eek: :) ;)
Windows (& yoyo) is correct. It's a similar principle with RAM. Watch the memory count when your PC starts up. It won't match the size of the memory installed. It may look like more RAM, but the extra 24bytes of each K aren't added by the manufacturers at point of sale, but rest assured the BIOS reports the correct value of the memory installed..


hardware monkey
microsoft as well as every other software company labels them correctly. the steps go by 1024's (2^10). that's how it's supposed to be. also, ram is counted this way like erbmaster pointed out.

my queston is why do the hd manufacturer's do it they way that they do? to save a little bit of money?
Originally posted by canadian_divx
does anyone know why windows labels them that way??? like why dont htey just make it like the manufacture?
Like taurus said it's 1024 that is right.

Everything is counted as 2^x since it fits with the binary nature of computers.

Ever wondered why it's 16, 256, 65536 and 16.7M colours?
2^4 = 16
2^8 = 256
2^16 = 65536 (16 bits colour)
2^24 = 16777216 (True colour)

32 bit colour is also 16.7M colours btw, but that's because the extra 8 bits isn't for the colour.


hardware monkey
Originally posted by Zedric
32 bit colour is also 16.7M colours btw, but that's because the extra 8 bits isn't for the colour.
interesting... i never noticed that 2^24 = 16.7m. are the extra 8 bits ignored, then? or what are they used for?


It is for the alpha channel.

In graphics, a portion of each pixel's data that is reserved for transparency information. 32-bit graphics systems contain four channels -- three 8-bit channels for red, green, and blue (RGB) and one 8-bit alpha channel. The alpha channel is really a mask -- it specifies how the pixel's colors should be merged with another pixel when the two are overlaid, one on top of the other.
Typically, you wouldn't define the alpha channel on a pixel-by-pixel basis, but rather per object. Different parts of the object would have different levels of transparency depending on how much you wanted the background to show through. This allows you to create rectangular objects that appear as if they are irregular in shape -- you define the rectangular edges as transparent so that the background shows through. This is especially important for animation, where the background changes from one frame to the next.


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