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6 Pin Power Supply/ MSI 8800GT


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I started this thread over at Neowin, but i love everyone's thoughts

Im ready to purchase a MSI NX8800GT, seems like a pretty damn good card and will kill my 8500 GT that im running right now! Anyways, my power supply has the 6 pin connector, but does that mean i have enough power?



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You should have plenty of power there. You have two 12 volt rails at 16A:

(12 volts) * 16 amperes = 192 watts

Depending on what the rest of your components run at, you should have plenty of power.


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My system has two sata hd's, one sata dvdrw, one IDE dvdrw, 4gb ram, and the quad core CPU. I hope that's fine! I'll eventually get a new psu, but looking on newegg idk what would be best in a M-atx case and work with a few components I have!


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Does it matter? If he can get it then why not? More/reserved power is never a bad thing. It's basically $100 after rebate.


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I eneded up with the Antec Earthwatts 500


Man this baby is silent, powers my 8800GTS SSC just fine


Thanks for all the help!
boo on the powersupply. he he just kidding. Hmm I would have gone for the 8800 Ultra. Its now $199. All in all good show.
http://www.tigerdirect.com/applicat...FltzypczywCjC-KeCjCZBFwVzTwCjCZBFwVzTw PzEEwy


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