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$59 no rebate 1TB Samsung 5400RPM SATA


The Analog Kid
Deal is gone but it's a great deal for mass storage.

1) no need for the fastest drives for 'most' storage
2) excellent choice for a USB enclosure


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it was a full 3.5 drive...this won't be my system drive so I'm all over it...5400 RPM isn't bad for mass storage.

Hopefully my order will get shipped.
5400rpm will substantially increase the time it takes to move large amounts of data around. You don't save much over the normal 7200rpm either. Not worth it imo.


The Donger Need Food!!!!
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I agree Lord, but I think this drive is literally going to be incremental back for me. I have about 1.8 TB now but I don't use all of it...redundancy redundancy redundancy!!!


OSNN One Post Wonder
I have new Intel Centrium Laptop....

I have new Intel Centrium Laptop....can i use this hard disk in it.

HDD 1 320GB sata + 1 1TB sata
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The Donger Need Food!!!!
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order was just cancelled! pricing mistake on the part of mwave. i did receive a pretty good coupon for the trouble though.

Most etailers would just cancel and let it be. Lots of respect for mwave.


The Donger Need Food!!!!
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well they came through with the coupon so I'm sort of happy. Finding something to use that coupon on with was next to impossible. I've never seen more products "out of stock" at any retailer in my life.

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