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Ok I have AOL and a 56K, and whenever I play games on multiplayer it runs good, my ping is low and everything! But when i play more than 30 minutes or an hour I lag like hell! This always happens, dont gimme crap answer like get DSL or other stuff. Tell me how to solve this problem?
what is your connect speed? you may have to slow down your connect speed a little. But I see you are on AOL so making adjustments may be fruitless. You are at their mercy and I will not go into my feelings on them, or commets.
mine finally broke down and got another phone line since i disabled call waiting and tied up the phone for 80% of the day. i never did shotgun though.. i am thinking about doing it with my cable though
yea i know i hate the phone...My sisters dumbass boyfriend will call every 3 mins.. i swear we come home and the caller id says "42 new calls" and every single one was from him.. we were gone for 2 hours... now i just listen to music loud and leave the phones at the other end of the house

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