56k to highspeed?


9 Sep 2002
I have been using 56k modem ,I have tweaked the registry for use of the 56k ,but now I am going to get a satellite connection. I have always had a 56k connection, my question is their any adjustments I need to make to prepare for a high-speed connection ?
I gather your getting satellite for download and keeping the 56k for upload?
Always seemed like a huge waste of money to me.
No leave your modem as is unless you want to remove it then just uninstall the drivers and pull the card , install new network adapter and away you go I suggest not using anykind of USB modem or whatnot I think a reg PCI network adapter is better, thats just my thoughts on it
SPeedY_B-i have no choice i live in a rural area ,my only choice for broadband is to get a satellite from earthlink.

thanks kermit
There are optimizations that can be made to the registry when switching from dail up to broadband.

Is your satellite going to be up/down or satellite downlaod, dial up upload? If the latter I have no idea what to do (other than google "optimizing satellite broadband").

If it's satellite upload and download then check www.dslreports.com for tools (under tests and tools on left side of page) to use in optimizing (save your modem optimizations just in case).

PS I think Kermit assumed your satellite connection will be through a USB Port instead of Ethernet.
Well all I am trying to say is if it is possible STAY AWAY FROM USB modems I just dont like them , most of them have the extra spot for the RJ45 cable to network adapter but people tend to hook them up with the USB cable ...
USB tends to be more unstable and have higher latency than ethernet. USB was designed for printers and cameras, ethernet is for networking, it only makes sense to use the right hardware for the right job.
thanks all ,i,m excited to be getting broadband & wanted to be prepared.
A friend of mine has a satellite connection and the download speeds amazing :D
wow daeron i love that img at bottom of your post.. keep posting for a long time :)
mooo said:
wow daeron i love that img at bottom of your post.. keep posting for a long time :)
I have seen that here before we lost everything. I think daeron may be using a new name now?

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