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56k Problem HELP!


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OIk i'm playing whenever I play games online it works fine on 56k, but when its past 30 minutes or an hour my modem kinda stops and theres hella lag then i get disconected from the game, and that really piss's me off! What cause's this problem and how do i fix it?


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it disconnects ? is that what you mean when it stops?

you can prevent your modem from ever disconnecting from the net... there should be features when you go to control panel/device manager and go to modem properties and you should be able to specify if it disconnects after sometime...

like 2 years ago.. when I was still using my dialup.. I used to get disconnected all the time till I changed some settings round... can almost swear it was the disconnect thingy... :)

but then you say it stops ??? try playing around with your modem properties... should be able to do something to aleviate your troubles...


_DM_, if you are using Windows XP and AOL, go to AOL.com and download the latest version of AOL. This will fix your problem. Anyway, to get a new ISP, simply cancel AOL and find another provider.

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