56K Modem Tweaker


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Hey.... Can somebody tell me how can I lower my ping down like 100 or 200 in a game?! Plz guide me on the 56K Modem tweaker or someone send me a really good website that gives you info on 56K Modem Tweaker. ThNxS:D


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very hard to do 100 ping on for a 56k'er mate... if you are talking about something like CS...

I myself get between 30 and 200 on my ping meter when playing cs depending on where the server is located...

you are not going to be able to get 100-200 ping consistently with a 56k modem... might bottom out around the 200-300 range... and thats if you have a good system and are lucky to play on a server down the road that just rox... :)

of course I might be wrong... but my mates have been trying to tweak out their modems forever, and gave up and got cable...

do the same... :D