540mbps Wifi


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im so glad i held out on upgrading my wifi network. im gonna hold out and stay with 802.11b until this comes out, since im never ever gonna use the whole 540 mbps of bandwidth.


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no i mean the amd 64 bit and the apple and the geforce ultra, btw how is the ultra working, my geforce fan is screwing up its kinda is dropped from the whatever spins it and so its spins like at 15 rpm something like that and makes a noise, i have to get it replaced until then im on the laptop again!


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That's fine and all, but I know few people who take advantage of the 54 mbps 802.11g or the 100 mbps most common in 10/100 wired LANs. We're generally limited now by the ISPs, not the router speeds.

Of course, if you have several computers in your house that you want to link together, then I guess you'd have a field day. :p