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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by ReC0iL, Mar 26, 2003.

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    Hey guys, I just have a question on what kind of RAM can go into what kind of motherboards.

    I am going to order 2 sticks of 256 MB Crucial Micron DDR RAM from newegg.com Im still kind of confused about this because it says that it won't work without DDR motherboard support. My computer is extremely slow and I heard that a major portion of the computer speed lyes within the amount of RAM you have, So I figured what the hell I will order 512 RAM and see how much faster it is. When I bought this computer about 3 years ago it came with 64 MB RAM (yeah I know it sucks) But then I upgraded to 128 when I installed my DSL because 128 RAM was required and highly recommended. I saw a pretty good speed difference by just upgrading 64 MB more. But I still am not sure about these Crucial DDR's if they will work or not, can anyone help me? :(
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    First we can't provide any accurate advice without knowing your system spec's. Processor brand and part number, MB number and brand, etc. Just guessing:

    3 years ago you probably got sdram. It is unlikely that your MB will support DDR. Check your motherboard (or system) manufacturer's web site to find out.

    You need at least 256 megs of ram to run win xp and office, etc. comfortably. Most people are going to 512 meg or more now. Even Win 98 is pretty shoddy at just 128meg.

    The good news is sdram is dirt cheap. Try essential computers. Free shipping!


    SDRAM comes in 100 and 133 speed. If your old ram is 100 and your motherboard can use 133 you might as well ditch the old ram and go with 2 stick of 256 meg PC133 it runs faster. You can use 133 even if the motherboard is onlt rated at 100.

    If by some miracle you can run ddr ram buy the 333 mhz, its only a couple bucks more.
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    Well my computer is a Gateway Essential / MSI Motherboard Pentium lll 733-MHz / It came with 64-MB 133/100/66-MHz 72-Bit 4-Clock 8x8 SDRAM DIMM

    I guess that would be SDRAM then... Damnit...If DDR RAM is better than SDRAM how come it costs less? Now I need to get some more $$$. Grrr... lol
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    Supply and demand m8 :)