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50x CDROM crawling



Out of the blue my CD Rom has decided that it's max speed is 8x. I noticed this when I was burning a CD-RW with Nero today on a Cendyne 32x burner. In the past I never had this problem, but today it's decided to slow down. I ran Nero "CD Speed" program to test it and that was what it said (actually 7.78x). I also noticed that what used to be a louder vibration coming from the CD Rom while spinning has quieted to non existent which also tells me it's not running as fast. Is this indicative of a problem with the hardware or is there somewhere or something that could have caused it to change it's max speed on the software side of the house? I'm running XP Pro, couldn't tell you the brand CD drive is, the burner is Cendyne. I originally had the CD drives both set to Ultra DMA mode which also worked fine, but today after this problem, I decided to switch them to PIO (read something somewhere), but that didn't change anything. Any ideas I should try? Thanks


Now the CD-Rom is running at about 16x for some unknown reason. What can be going on?
Really sounds like a hardware problem, I don't think your software settings, whether in BIOS or Windows, will help...then again, me being me, I would reinstall Windows, because that is usually my first attempt to fix anything..and sometimes it works. But really, I think that would be a stab into nothing with your case. Maybe its your drive thats screwed. Try to borrow someones cd drive, see it works fine. CD drives die sometime.


Thanks Nick, Guess that will be what I'll do. I have a spare CD-RW drive I'll install and see.
It's probably just a dirty pickup lens. The trick is cleaning them. DON'T USE A CLEANING DISC. They are known to do more harm then good sometimes. Better then to blow air into it or take it apart and blow air on the lens.


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Yes Zedric is very right. Get one of those air cans, open the drive tray and blow air over the lens.(be careful) If your lens get to the point where reading/writng functionality is very crappy I think your better off getting a new drive.


The CD Rom isn't really that old (out of warranty, but not old). I'll do the blow out thing when I get home and hopefully that's all it is. Thanks for the ideas


Why aren't cd cleaning kits good, I was thinking of buying 1 for my muffed up DVD drive, which doesn't read the CD !!!


I think I've been having a similar problem, I have a Yamaha 16x cd writer that seems to only be able to burn at 8x and if I close every application I can sometimes get 12x, it wasnt always like this

I have WinXP, 1ghz Athlon and 396 mb ram

Any help would be appreciated!
Originally posted by ZAnwar
Why aren't cd cleaning kits good, I was thinking of buying 1 for my muffed up DVD drive, which doesn't read the CD !!!
Dry cleaning discs may work sometimes, but discs you apply liquid to in most cases make things worse. Don't use them. Air is better since the problem is usually dust.

(This information is comming from someone who has repaired CD-players for over 10 years, so I believe it...)


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Found this for you of the tweaks thread

Speed up Nero in XP
This a little tweak for Xp, not to sure if its the answer to your problem though

Go to "administrative tools" in the control panel.
In the "services" list, disable the IMAPI CD-Burning COM service.

(Note: manual setting is not enough it must be disabled) It is the built-in CD-burning capability for windowsXP (incidentally, written by Roxio).
Hope this helps you

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