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5.1 sys not workin?


oO ShifterZ Oo

i bought a 5.1 sys altec lansing. i install the sound card drivers n i notice just now that the back speakers dont work. IT only the front two or center n the sub ne suggestions how to fix or is it hardware realted.

oO ShifterZ Oo

doing a little testing, the speakers work i think b/cuz i tested it by the creative drivers already in, n it went from left front speaker to center to the right front then the back ones didnt work, but my friend helpin me test it says that it work when it said right front speaker when it was suppose to be the front only. But it wasnt clear it was just a lil bit, new infomation?

the soundcard is the soundblasterlive! the one dat like 49 bucks or w/e retail the 5.1.


hardware monkey
unplug the rear speakers from the soundcard and plug in headphones. see if it plays when the speaker test says "rear left" and "rear right".

if it does, then you have a problem with the speakers. if not, then it's probably driver or setting related.

oO ShifterZ Oo

OK i admit it im the dumbest person in the world, i jsut keep askin but all i have to do is jsut explore into the problem more, the problem turned out to be the inputs in my soundcard =\ sry im dumb. (stupid no0b!) hey who said dat?

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