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18 Oct 2002
do 5.1 sound card still work correctly if you only have basic speakers... well my speakers are better than basic... the wire goes from the sound card.. in only one slot then connects to my sub woofer and then the 2 satelite speakers are connected to the subwoofer... at the minute i have had an onboard 5.1 soundcard for over a month and have not acomplished getting my sound to play on all speakers... so i am looking for another sound card on ebay just a cheap one that will let all my speakers work.

i found this:

it also is 5.1.. should this work with my speakers that aint 5.1
even though u have 3 speakers, as far as the card knows its 2 speakers. the sub is part of the left and right speaker. just set the speakers to 2 speaker and all 3 should work, if not the subs knackerd.
how do i set it to 2 speakers? cant find any options for it

and the speakers work fine i tested them on a stereo and another pc
you normally get a program with the soundcard to sort all that, unless its part of the control panel options under sound.
ok so what the motherboard book say the motherboard is ?

do you have any cd's for sound ?

did you look in the start menu > all programs to see if theres like a cmedia or anything that could be related to sound. look at them all if need be, if its a prebuilt system, it should be installed already.

did you go in the control panel and sniff around the sound section ?
Forcer it would help if you simply identified what brand sc you have installed. All major brands like Turtle Beach, Creative Labs, Mad Dog, Aureal, etc either have a standalone control panel applet that either resides in the control panel, in the system tray, or becomes intergrated with windows systray speaker applet.

Creative offers "Creative Sound Mixer" amoung other applets that allows me to control the type of speaker setup I have. It's usually part of the drivers.

Good Luck.
Via AC'97 Onboard sound card..
and my board is... VT8367-8235

i got my computer off some guy and it came with no cd's or manuals, as far as i can see there is no additional sound software installed and there are no advanced options on my volume control... but on the bar at the top of volume control it says FRONT SPEAKER.. meaning it only amanages the front speaker but there is absoultely nothing in th control panel to change this
can you double click the sound icon, should bring up the properties.

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