4p on a pint of beer, 14p on a bottle of wine and 55p on a bottle of spirits.


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What a bunch of our souls :(

Has anyone else seen today's budget? Urgh I feel poorer already.

Sorry, just gotta vent...


I'm feeling slightly better now. But not much.

Evil Marge

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Oh no, life will never be the same :speechless::eek: I don't drink and I don't smoke so it makes no difference to me whatsoever :laugh:

Dark Atheist

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you didnt expect them to give us anything did you - apart from the stinging sensation where they have just bent us over a rammed us hard from behind :(

They randomly increase taxes on all the legalised drugs to make money from us.
At least car tax hasn't happened (yet) ?
you drive? thank god im not in your city :D

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