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I just downloaded Kerio and I am attempting to configure it. With the default settings it takes about 30 minutes to log into my domain. That is not good.

I also tried deleting all of my filter rules and creating a rule saying any protocal going any direction from any ip is allowed. Needless to say a scan from security.norton.com said I was 100 percent secure.

May webpages don't load fast (like grc.com) and programs seem slower (right click properties takes about 2 minutes). Suggestions? (other than using a different firewall or reinstalling...thats the last resort.)

Thanks in advance,


p.s. personal firewall 2.1.4

Edit: ctrl + alt + delete takes 5 minutes :( computer was running great before I tried this app.


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Welcome to Kerio! Sorry to hear your having trouble.

First please check out the FAQ and threads in:


You will find a huge number of example rule sets!

By default kerio allows the required traffic on port 88 and 389 which is needed to logon to a windows 2000 domain (i assume here)

I myself use kerio and am joined to a domain the default rules should be enougth.

In the above forum look at the post "Generic Rule Set for Kerio" and posts below it to make sure you get it right.

If after doing all this ill provide details of my ruleset which works as part of a W2K domain.

Could you check resource usage (CPU and CPU time) and ensure you dont have kerio set to block everything it should be in ask me first mode.

I can not think of any reason that you would have trouble with kerio to this affect.

If you disable the firewall does the issue go away?

You will also find alot of Kerio help in:


Another Kerio FAQ:



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These should be present. Remember to tie the range to your own subnet but leave the ports the same. Thats all i need.

(Generic Host Process - svchost.exe should be allowed to play on the LAN also)

Note: Missing rules would not cause a slow system unless kerio was set to block everything. If it didnt prompt you have a problem.
I have set the firewall to disabled and was unabled to fix any of the problems. I configured it to accept all incoming and outgoing connections and removed all of the other rules. I have also completely removed Kerio without any luck. I do not have an xp firewall on, and zone alarm is uninstalled.

"Event viewer" is showing that there are problems authenticating my computer with Kerberos (on the windows 2000 network).

This started right when I installed Kerio and I don't know why. I have exhausted google in my searches for answers.

Any other suggestions before I wipe my computer and give up on Kerios??




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Well nothing Kerio has done should have caused this.

Give me the event IDs or the errors you are seeing and ill see if i can help.

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