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3ware raid controller and PXE Failures



I have a 3ware 7500 4lp and recently flashed the bios and received a failure when trying to boot win 2k, so I rolled the flash back and the OS booted fine. After this the driver was updated and flashed again (w/the new update) and it failed again. So I rolled back again... Now the stupid thing is trying to boot PXE and it says there is a failure. After it looks all around it says no Operating system found :crap: I looked in the bios and made sure the boot sequence was right and the network boot is at the very bottom and it won't let me disable it. Motherboard is Tyan k7 and it is driving me crazy!!!!!!!!! If anyone has anything to say on getting it to boot back on the raid it would help!....
Welcome to NTFS.org blzndog!

I'm sorry to tell you that updating your BIOS is sometimes known to screw up any RAID arrays in the system connected to on-board RAID controllers.

So chances are that all is lost. :(

If you're lucky I'm wrong.


Thanks Yo! Great moral support!!
No just kidding, actually what was updated was the bios on the controller card not the the actual motherboard, but at this moment after thinking i could be taken side to you to say that i may have lost everything. Bad deal is it's not my machine it was a guy i work with that is not even IT that brought it on himself to flash the bios on the card. So with that said back to the drawing board!

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