3TB Internal Hard Drive


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You have a MB with the last Bios update in 2009. The Required UEFI interface to go over 2.19 GB was not issued until late 2010 when the 3 TB drives started shipping. Most likely will not work.

Requirement is WIN 7 64 BIT with a UEFI capable MB (UEFI replaces the MBR which was setting the 2.19 GB limit, based on 512 sector size).

I think I saw somewhere that there are some 3 TB drives with a bastardized sector size that lets them play with older MB but I've seen several rants opposing the system due to how it makes the drives usable.


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Nah, I will deal with having low space until I can purchase my new system.

I do need a new system lol Sucks, but that's how it is.

Thanks for the info guys.


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I guess USB can read data upto 3TB, that should not be a problem. The USB though version 3.0 is preferred in this case.
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