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3G nightmares


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
I cannot believe the troubles I have had and am having - if anyone else is using or knows of 3G PCMCIA card support resources kindly post links or your experience... I am new to the area and this is third time I tried to make this post due to line drops despite London location!

below I paste an email I sent about an hour ago to give you some idea of the story so far!

"Thanks David

took a few minutes to get those drivers installed (was expecting one not three!) Then the fun started with default connections and Mobile Office application and Thunderbird (SMTP) seemed to "break" it... but now resorting to webpage email (despaired at POP3 configuration for Tbird, so this will be minus spell checking - will have to crack that myself I suppose unless you care to reply informatively as to how email might be POP3 and NOT Orange/Outlook (although I do use that for business I much prefer Tbird) anyway - as I was saying, using web access to try sending now so fingers crossed (what, 2 hours later or is it three?) Still did not even need a reboot, although I did one anyway during uninstall and reinstall of Orange Office (just playing safe there).

Thanks for your excellent response - my response is currently 384 KB/s which is, I suppose, as good as it gets and although not the "fat pipe" I was used to will serve me on the road (or wherever).

Now to write that email about the five hours in orange shops and the four days with no Internet..... hehe

I'll try to mention you in a favourable light if you think it will achieve any reference or golden goodbye (doubtful)....

Thanks again"

needless to say I am far from happy and to rub it in it seems to be almost down to dial up speeds despite the claims,,,,, really no idea what to do next (need sleep now!) :crosseyed:


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
HMMMMMmmmmmm seems according to Orange that it is a signal coverage issue - however being within Zone2 of London and getting between 40 and 60% signal according to their cruddy app I have my doubts.

Anyway basically on this desk it is unuseable so I am posting from dial up.

Anyone else have comparative signal issues on 3G and prepared to discuss symptoms? [BUMP!]

Also did try walking up hill and using laptop in park tonight, but although it did seem to work much better it was too cold and I was too nervous of muggers etc after lappir to check it out fully - must remember to put in car and retry.... reminds me, anyone know of linkies for keen priced car charging units? /me goes to make new thread! ;)


Debiant by way of Ubuntu

:devious: GGGGggrrr HOW tf do I conduct a specific search for 3G... I mean who will EVER type THREEG or THREEGEE or suchlike.... :eek:

OOOooo Errrr I just did! :)

anyways - bumping (again) and about to try to call their level 3 support - which will make me even madder after going through levels one and two and a transfer all on hold to their music on MY talk time! :rolleyes:


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
Even the Orange techies are in agreement with me - could try adding antenna, but I think it is grief caused by their sh***y software being unable to handle switching between a 3G and GPRS signal (particularly when I get hypertrm value of 99 for the 3G!!!) :mad:

Given them one days grace to try contacting card manufacturer and seeing if I can run the software they supply instead of the Orange crud....

Anyone considering 3G - beware - it is far from trouble free in the UK at present as I have learnt the hard way :(


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
wheeeeee just managed ten minutes on 3G! 0 getting solid blur light on PCMCIA card as I type (trust me that is good!).

Tech support mentioned overheating as a potential problem and I closed folding on my machine and so far so good.

Of course early days - but wish me luck for after ten days trying to make this sucker run maybe I am truly mobile now - onwards and upwards (bloody expensive way to get small variable bandwidth though I have to say!)
And guess what - right after that my connection dies and I had to reconnect (takes about two minutes!) - so no better off and autoswitched down to GPRS with a green light now so I know line is about to drop again (and it did as I typed that!) *sigh* RMA refund time! :(

[EDIT] opinions on whether card is FUBAR welcome! This thread is lonely! [/EDIT]

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