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3DMark06 Benchmarks

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For my current rig, i got 3633 3DMarks for 3DMark06 with everything at it's defaults for the Basic (free) edition. i was actually expecting to get quite a bit less than that.... but all they really did with the entire thing was add HDR. has the same Return to Proxycon that was in 05, has the same Firefly Forest, just with a purple and green firefly this time, instead of just a green one. has the same Canyon Flight, cept the thing in the water is multi-colored, instead of just shades of grey. only thing they really did was change the CPU test, and add one different test for mostly HDR and SM3.0. The CPU test is the only thing that my computer really tanked on.... with the average FPS being less than 0.5 for BOTH forms of the CPU test.... not sure what the major difference was between the two. Other than that.... the lowest average FPS i got was in Return to Proxycon, which was 13.055fps.
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